Welcome to SSOFT

SSOFT (Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool) is an online education resource to help us all take action and speak up, connect and make change across Europe. Whether you’ve experienced stroke personally or professionally, we all want the same thing: to improve stroke prevention, diagnoses, treatment and care.

    Available courses

    Stroke Support Organisations (SSOs)

    Module 1: Stroke Support Organisations (SSOs)

    What SSOs do and how you can set up and grow your own support group.

    Open module
    Making change happen

    Module 2: Making change happen

    What advocacy means; who makes decisions and how to develop a strategy.

    Open module
    Use of Evidence

    Module 3: Use of Evidence

    Understanding different types of evidence; how to collate it and use it to your advantage.

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    Role of the Patient Voice

    Module 4: Role of the Patient Voice

    What rights patients have and how their voice can be used ethically to support your cause.

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    Health System Advocacy

    Module 5: Health System Advocacy

    Exploring your own health and care system and how it can be used to make change happen.

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    Public Advocacy

    Module 6: Public Advocacy

    How to use different public-facing media to support your objectives.

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